[Partial/Selected] List of Journal Publications by T. Hagiwara

before 1995 (selected)

Hankel Norm Analysis of Sampled-Data Systems

Generalized H2 (L/L2-Induced Norm, L/L2-Hankel Norm) Analysis and Synthesis of Sampled-Data Systems

L Induced-Norm Analysis of Continuous-Time and Sampled-Data Systems; with Sampled-Data Controller Synthesis

Time-Delay Systems

Robust Stability Analysis of Discrete-Time Systems

Discrete-Time Causal/Noncausal Linear Periodically Time-Varying (LPTV) Scaling

Fast-Lifting, Modified Fast-Sample/Fast-Hold Approximation, and Continuous-Time Causal/Noncausal Linear Periodically Time-Varying (LPTV) Scaling

Frequency-Domain Theory of Sampled-Data Systems

Sampled-Data Systems & Linear System Theory

Periodic System Analysis

Two-Degree-of-Freedom LQI Servo Systems & Their Applications

Stability Analysis of Nonlinear and Time-Varying Feedback Systems

Control Applications

Miscellaneous Articles

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